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Milton Hershey School’s Student Education Approach

Robert Heist Attorney

· Student Education

A resident of Chicago, Illinois, Robert Heist is a commercial law attorney and president of R. Connor & Associates, PC. Outside the practice of law, attorney Robert Heist promotes social emotional learning for children from economically challenged backgrounds as Chairman of the Board of Managers of the Milton Hershey School.

Established in 1909 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Milton Hershey School takes a whole child approach to education, focusing on all parts of a student’s life. This way, the school hopes to build students academically, socially, and emotionally. The students also increase their self-esteem, become responsible, and learn to take care of their physical health.

The school’s senior student program is a good example. All Milton Hershey seniors study math, science, and English. Optional classes include advanced math, foreign languages, carpentry, and engineering. Rather than introducing students to topics in class, students are given video lectures to watch at home and then discuss what they learned in class. The school gives all seniors a personal laptop.
Supplemental programs are available to students who need extra help. These include tutoring, homework assistance, and access to a writing center to help students improve their communication skills. The school further provides career exploration and college transition support.
Beyond the classroom, Milton Hershey accommodates several activities to grow students’ social skills and confidence. Clubs and activities include art clubs, dance classes, drama, religious programming, student government association, and fitness classes. Sports include baseball, basketball, field hockey, soccer, football, and swimming.

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