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Family Law Litigation Lawyers Services


A graduate of the University of Illinois, experienced attorney Robert Heist currently serves as the president of R. Connor & Associates, P.C. As the firm's principal attorney, Robert Heist provides clients with services of family law litigation.

Family law litigation is a branch of law that deals with family issues, from child custody and child support to abused spouses. It is typically a branch of law that deals with the divorce of two people and the aftermath of that decision. That includes mainly how children are managed and which party gets to keep them. It also includes vital information on the other party’s access to the child and how often they can see the child, which is a condition that depends on why the divorce occurred and who won it. It can also include the distribution of goods between the recently divorced people.

A common task that family law litigation lawyers may have is to draft important personal documents such as custody agreements, wills, or nuptial agreements, depending on each client’s need.

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