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Employee Assistance Program - A Corporate Counseling Service

Robert Heist

The recipient of a bachelor of art degree in criminal justice from the University of Illinois, Robert Heist is the president and principal attorney of R. Connor & Associates, PC. Attorney Robert Heist has successfully managed the firm in the area of business practices involving contract negotiation, corporate counseling, regulatory compliance, commercial litigation, and many other business law issues.

Also known as workplace counseling or professional counseling, corporate counseling focuses on lowering employees' stress levels and assisting them choose an ideal lifestyle by making healthier choices. Corporate counseling service is provided to the employees by the corporate. Employee assistance programs, skill development, and conflict resolution are some of the various services available in corporate counseling.
Also known as EAP, the employee assistance program is a strictly confidential program between the employee and a counselor. The purpose of the program is to help reduce stress in employees' personal lives that may occur due to professional stress. Sales targets, competition, approaching deadlines, long office hours, and change of team or management can elevate employees' stress, which may result in professional issues including self-doubt, lack of concentration, making mistakes, and even declining performance.
In an EAP session, employees may discuss the difficulties they face and any pressing concerns or fears to the counselor without hesitation. These issues usually involve the employees' jobs but may sometimes extend to family and personal lives. With the aid of an employee assistance program, corporate counseling helps employees overcome these problems. If the employee wishes, the program may be extended to include their immediate family.

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